CT4011 Website Design, Concept Ideas and Moodboard

I wanted to include a drink in my family of products, so looked at companies’ websites like: Coca Cola, Fruit shoot, Volvic. In the end, I decided to do a fruit juice drink with an unusual combination of flavours and expanded the family of products to include other foods containing unusual combinations of fruit: desserts, fruit salads…

Next, I started to come up with ideas of how the drink product would look and started thinking of a brand name for the fruit products. The name “Por Flavor” was chosen, because most of the exotic fruits listed were native to Latin America where Spanish is often the main language spoken. Por Favor is Spanish for please, but this was changed to Por Flavor as a pun, to emphasise the unusual flavour combinations the company specialise in. There are many Latin American pictures in the mood board, including pattterns and vibrant colours (bright yellows, purples, oranges), to tie in with the Spanish brand name.


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