CT5017 Video Code & CPU Architecture

I found that embedding a video into my moving background would lead to the video rendering in a fixed position taking up half the screen and distorting vertically.

I then embedded the videos in their own SWFs to then embed inside a movieclip with loader controls applied to a play and pause button to load and unload the SWF inside a URL variable.

This worked fine on the PC, but even when the files were included inside the APK of the released app, they wouldn’t load. I then found alternative loader code for AS3 on Google that included 1 different line with a context element.

Strangely, applying this line to my existing code made it work on both ARM and x86 phones. Also I’ve been testing mostly in x86, I know it’s an unpopular architecture for mobile devices but it’s all I have, thankfully one of my housemates has an HTC and the university had some Vodafone android handsets so I’ve been able to test at 3 different resolutions on 3 different issues of android and 2 different CPU architectures.

I also found that the x86 handset had built in functionality to virtually run ARM programs, but the live conversion between instructions would be slower, so for that I’ve been producing 2 APKs, one compiled for ARM and one for x86, and I found that the speedup on the x86 was well worth the second compiled application.

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