Job: Nerv looking for 2D animators

Nerv and looking for 2D animators primarily (with good Adobe After Effects skills, Illustrator and Photoshop). On the other hand they are flexible, so  anyone good enough with 2D and 3D they’re happy to consider.

It is a 3 month unpaid internship and starting time is ASAP. When reached the end of the internship, the candidate will be reviewed and if  their contribution to the company has been successful, the candidate will be considered for a full-time position.

Nerv’s previous experience with animation interns has led to to employing  them, so it is an excellent opportunity for one or potentially  two interns. If nothing else, it is excellent experience for your CV.  Contact for more information.

IET Awards – Presentation Competition – £150

Think you got what it takes to win?

Just taking part is a great opportunity to enhance your employability! Check out the poster below to find out more.

Job: Student Media project – £250 available for animation movie

Lex Beckett (UoG Project Manager for Student Media Projects)  would like to work with a student who loves Flash animation and could implement (and creatively tweak) a storyboard for a Youtube video for Cheltenham Liberal Democrats. The audio is already recorded so it is the visuals that are needed. Please email ASAP

Work Experience: Supajam

“Music company Supajam ( are looking for an  animator to create a viral video to promote a competition currently  running.

We are looking for a short and quite basic 2D animation that we can post  onto our Youtube channel and share on our social media sites.

However there is an extremely quick turnaround needed for this animation,  so you would need to be extremely good at deadlines.

This would suite a student or graduate looking to build their portfolio  and get experience working to a brief for a company.

If you’re interested then please email for more  information.”

Single Knight makes cardboard Flashy

Single Knight is the portfolio site of an independent Flash Animation company.
They have used a cardboard theme to create a visually appealing and interesting user experience.

Single Knight portfolio website

There are several mini-games and interesting objects to interact with all over the site, and you are sure to find new ones every time you visit.
This portfolio really does show the potential of what can be done with a bit of Flash and some creative flare. However, finding specific information could be difficult for a potential client. Only after I had visited the site 4 times did I manage to notice the contact details!

Contact Section

There is no doubting that the site is interesting, but possibly a little more thought into the information design and layout would get potential clients to the information they need, rather than distracted by mini-games and animations.

Definitely a good site to take inspiration from. However, when looking at the examples of work, it seems that this portfolio page is by far their best work.

Flash Animations