Adobe Edge Event

The Adobe Edge Toolkit is a new addition to the Creative Suite.

For those who are interested in mobile application development and animation for the Web – it’s time to add these set of tools to your skill set. It’s all free to download: simply sign up for a Creative Cloud account and let the Adobe Application Manager guide you through the rest of the installation process.

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Students urged to make themselves more employable!

“Computing experts at the University of Gloucestershire have been given advice to get a headstart in the jobs hunt.”

Read the official article below:

Newspaper cutting Online

Job: Salter's Hill – Web design job opportunity

Salter’s Hill (near Ledbury)  charity member Peter Scott visited the University of Gloucestershire recently.

He is looking for an individual to work with Salter’s Hill on a 13-week paid web design opportunity. A full job description can be found by clicking their logo below:

Salters’s Hill Job Description

For more information, please point questions to Gill Sackett, the senior manager, at

COMX12 Review and Gallery

The Tutor team do hope that, if you were able to attend, you enjoyed the event last Saturday.

Congratulations to our award winners!  You might be interested to know that there were a total of 106 registered attendees including representatives of 23 employers.

Together with the students, there were over 200 people who enjoyed the day, which is our highest total so far in the 9 years that we have been holding the event. In addition to the exciting software applications, the stands were of a very high standard and there were lots of competitions to enter.

You will find access to the  COMX12 gallery at the top right of MMEDIA until next year’s event.

To review any of the projects – visit the COMX web site


A big thank you to our sponsors:

IET, BCS, Aspire Psychologists, Horizon Mobility, CLK Media and the University for the provision of the facilities and the technical support.

We \’d also like the express our thanks to the Vice Chancellor for opening the event and to Professor Sabine Baumann (pictured), JADE  Fachhochschule for stepping in the present the awards at the ˜Oscars \’. We really look forward to continued working together under the ERASMUS student exchange banner.

If you attended, please could you add a short  comment to this post and give us a tiny bit of feedback below so that we can improve the event for next year?

The best day to hold the event is:

Mon   /Tue   /Wed   /Thu   / Fri   / Sat ?

The best bit about COMX12 for me was?

One thing I think that should be changed?

Park Campus Library 24 hour access trial

A very important message for all students from Faculty Librarian – Darren Bolton

In response to student requests for  24-hour access to computers, we are now running a 2-week trial at the Park Library in LC040.

From Monday 16th April until Friday 1st June the libraries will be running a trial service in which you will have access to the Out-of-Hours computer room from 6.00am on Mondays through until 1.00am on Sundays.

Students and staff from all campuses will be able to use the service using swipecard access to LC040 with their ID Card.

Job: Student Media project – £250 available for animation movie

Lex Beckett (UoG Project Manager for Student Media Projects)  would like to work with a student who loves Flash animation and could implement (and creatively tweak) a storyboard for a Youtube video for Cheltenham Liberal Democrats. The audio is already recorded so it is the visuals that are needed. Please email ASAP

UoG School of Computing rankings

“Computer sciences – ranked 42nd out of 107 overall (up 38 places from last year)”

  • Overall, ranked 4th of post-92 institutions & 1st of competitors (see competitors below).
  • Ranked 5th of post-92 institutions & 2nd of competitors for teaching excellence, higher than Sheffield, Liverpool, Imperial College London, Birmingham, Warwick, Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds, Queen’s Belfast, King’s College London and Edinburgh.
  • Ranked 9th of post-92 institutions & 2nd of competitors for graduate jobs, higher than Liverpool and Cardiff.
  • Ranked 11th of post-92 institutions & 5th of competitors for unemployment, higher than Bristol and Cardiff.
  • Ranked 9th of post-92 institutions & 3rd of competitors for dropout rate, higher than Leeds, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Manchester, Glasgow and Queen’s Belfast.

Competitor institutions, as defined using UCAS UoG applicants who also applied to another UK institution are: Bath Spa, Bournemouth, Brighton, Nottingham Trent, Oxford Brookes, Plymouth, Portsmouth, UWE, UWIC & Worcester.

Induction 2011 Video Tasks

Three groups of students from the new Level I Multimedia Web Design course were asked to create a short photo / video movie on the theme of  Into The Deepest Unknown…

Equipped with digital SLR camera, HD Video Cameras and various audio clips powered by the mighty Microsoft Windows Movie Maker(!) – each group had an hour and a half to create a movie sequence.

Watch  the results and give your comment on what you think of them!

Group 1:  

Group 2:  

Group 3:  

COMX11 Exhibition Over

The COMX11 Exhibition is now over! Congratulations to all the prize winners. Check the awards page on the COMX11 web site to see who won which prize!

The exhibition saw one of the best turn outs of all COMXs, with  over 150 visitors through the doors including representatives of 25 businesses.  This added great opportunity for all students to show off their skills and who were ready for employment.

Well done to everyone who participated and the very best of luck to all those who are graduating this year!

Check out the COMX11 gallery below to see the day’s progress!

Use Side 'Procrastination Projects' to be More Productive

We ALL find ourselves getting distracted. Our minds pull us away to do anything other than that Project that needs working on.

Why sit and stare at ActionScript when you can check out Facebook, YouTube or Wikipedia?
You know who you are!

I came across this article, which explains The Art of Productive Procrastination.

Basically, by flipping between two or more different projects, you can maximise your productivity thus preventing FOCUS FATIGUE.

“Harness your procrastinating self by fooling yourself into being motivated” – Saul Griffith

It has helped me when working on Flash ActionScript in MU120, by flipping to some graphic design work for IGD110. (Okay, and maybe some Facebook in between – but just for group communication, honest!)

Give it a try, and see if it works for you!

Designing iPhone apps

Great examples of storyboarding the sequence of screens within the app and also its linkage with external web content – by Patrick Rushton MU Graduate 2000 – lot of other very relevant material on his blog –   includes a history of his work way back to when he was doing assignments for MU modules!

Here’s a brainstorm for an iPhone app concept to do with Heineken. Click the image below to see a more in-depth PDF of the brainstorm!

COMX11 Exhibition

There’s not long left until the COMX11 Exhibition as the timer on the right indicates!

Please note how the date has now changed from 24th May 2011 to 11th May 2011

Just to let people know who are not familiar with COMX – it is a grand exhibition held at the end of every year by the Computing, Interactive Games Design and Multimedia Web Design students to showcase their work and efforts! A number of supporters and businesses will be there, so be ready to advertise your skills by having your CVs up to scratch and your work in a presentable portfolio!

Also, if you continue to keep up the standards of your work to a high level – you might just be one of the lucky students to be selected for a special award/prize on the day!

There will be prizes awarded for all Levels, so don’t fall back now – show us what you got!

Click the image below to browse through the previous years of COMX / MUX.  What are your thoughts on having an end of year exhibition? We’d really like to hear them – so post a comment!

Sticky: New Cover sheets for Assignments :)

When you next submit an Assignment, you must first print off the correct Assignment Cover sheet for that assignment and submit it to the Assignment room where the bar code will be scanned and an email receipt sent.

NB: Make sure that you keep a copy of the receipt in case the work gets lost and you need the evidence that you did submit it.

NB: Take care that you print the correct one out and do NOT submit Assignment 1 with Assignment 2’s cover sheet for instance!

MU120 as we see ourselves!

Beginning drawing with Flash can be daunting with all those tools and properties to get your head round, but here’s what the level 1 students achieved in 2 hours.

mu120 portraits

Induction 2010 Video Tasks

Four groups of students from the new Level I Multimedia Web Design course were asked to create a short photo/video movie on the theme of Into The Deepest Unknown…

Each group were given a digital SLR camera, various audio clips and Microsoft Windows Movie Maker.

Watch  the results and give your comment on what you think of them!

Group 1:  

Group 2:  

Group 3:  

Group 4:  

Welcome to the new mmedia!

Welcome to the new mmedia look!

The new mmedia site is underway and is still under construction.

Things left to do include:

  1. Add some extra useful links specific to each module.
  2. Gradually(!) build and integrate the tutorial database for mu120 and mu210.

If you have any comments or queries post them in the comments here or contact one of the multimedia team members from the contacts page.

Induction 2010

A BIG warm welcome to all of those joining the University of Gloucestershire today!

Get ready to have an amazing two, three or four years of University life.

Just as a quick overview – this is the site where you’ll find all the resources to do with Multimedia Web Design module. So whenever you hear “go to mmedia…” You know where to go.