League of Legends Stepping Ever Closer To An Accepted Sport


For anyone unfamiliar League of Legends, it is the most popular online game with 32 million active players as of earlier this year.

League of Legends its 4th season, with the Season 3’s finale featuring tonight: Korea’s SK Telecom T1 vs China’s Royal Club. The teams will compete for the first place prize of $1,000,000 and the loser taking home a respectable $250,000. The tournament featured 14 teams from across the globe as well as a $2,000,000 prize fund. The finals are being held at The Staples Center, with a sold out crowd of approximately 17,000.

League of Legends World Finals Stage

League of Legends World Finals Stage

League of Legends currently has a “Premiere” League in Europe, America, China, Taiwan and Korea. 8+ Teams compete in a weekly League fighting for $100,000 per split (8 weeks), as well as securing a place in the world finals at the end of the season (1 year).

Before now, the only way for teams to qualify for the Premiere League in Europe and America, was in a 32 team knockout bracket with only the highest ranked teams on the ladder participating. However, today Riot Games has announced that there will be a new “Challenger” League below the Premiere League (!) with headline sponsor Coke Zero.

League of Legends is becoming more and more socially accepted as a real sport and even super star athletes, like NFL’s player Chris Kluwe who spoke to Riot Games, recently gave their opinion on how Esports is growing into a real sport. LoL and NFL.


Pciture of The sold out Staples Centre ~15,000

Ever thought of working for Rovio of Angry Birds fame?

Can’t believe the long list of jobs here http://www.rovio.com/en/careers/Open-positions/view/38/web-games-graphic-artist many of which are specifically asking for the skills that YOU HAVE from your course at UoG  🙂

Job: Seeking Flash developers and designers

Luke Burrows – Graduate of the University of Gloucestershire 2008, is seeking to recruit talented Flash developers and designers to work on a contract basis.

Location is local to Gloucester – so Multimedia and Games students – grab the opportunity whilst you can! Candidates must be able to work swiftly in Flash CS5.5 and in AS3 language.

For more information please refer to the link below.

Job: Cyber-Duck – 3D Artist…

They’re back with another job!

Cyber-Duck Ltd is looking for a highly motivated individual with a background in 3D Studio Max software.You should be highly motivated and willing to work with a small team.

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Single Knight makes cardboard Flashy

Single Knight is the portfolio site of an independent Flash Animation company.
They have used a cardboard theme to create a visually appealing and interesting user experience.

Single Knight portfolio website

There are several mini-games and interesting objects to interact with all over the site, and you are sure to find new ones every time you visit.
This portfolio really does show the potential of what can be done with a bit of Flash and some creative flare. However, finding specific information could be difficult for a potential client. Only after I had visited the site 4 times did I manage to notice the contact details!

Contact Section

There is no doubting that the site is interesting, but possibly a little more thought into the information design and layout would get potential clients to the information they need, rather than distracted by mini-games and animations.

Definitely a good site to take inspiration from. However, when looking at the examples of work, it seems that this portfolio page is by far their best work.

Flash Animations

Job: Inspiring Interns

Team Rubber are searching for some inspirational, intelligent, interactive, intriguing andinternet savvy interns. You will be a recent graduate, ideally with previous work-experience, who is looking for an exciting opportunity to work in one of Bristol’s topcreative companies.

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Synthesis Studios on BBC News and Echo

Well done team Synthesis Studios!

Check out the articles by the Echo and the BBC below:




BBC News

Gloucestershire Echo

Job: RollingSound – Video Games Design Tutor

WOULD YOU LIKE TO EARN £2,250 in 6 weeks this Summer?

Video Games Design Tutor –   £2,250 for 6 weeks including 3 days of training based on a freelance contract.

RollingSound are looking for a Video Games Design tutor to teach the popular video game creating software First Person Shooter Creator.

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Sustainable street race coming to Cheltenham

Teaser trailer from David Matravers and Oliver Hodge made for MU220 User Interaction Studies.

Sustainable buggy racing