The University of Gloucestershire’s School of Computing were asked to deliver two sessions on app development for mobile and desktop at the BBC Training Studios, White City, London.

The event was also aimed at promoting the SkillsSet Media Academy Courses, part of the “Build your own MA” programme.

Check out the presentation delivered to get up to speed into the realms of app development!

Designing iPhone apps

Great examples of storyboarding the sequence of screens within the app and also its linkage with external web content – by Patrick Rushton MU Graduate 2000 – lot of other very relevant material on his blog –   includes a history of his work way back to when he was doing assignments for MU modules!

Here’s a brainstorm for an iPhone app concept to do with Heineken. Click the image below to see a more in-depth PDF of the brainstorm!

Flash to HTML5 converter just released

The prerelease version of Wallaby, the Adobe tool to convert Flash timeline animation to HTML5/CSS3 (Flash free content) has just been released for download at   Adobe Labs

Example of a SWF conversion

Flash – Graphics Programming

Check out this video. This provides a great summary about the true architecture of Flash. See the magic behind how the Display Object and Display List work:

Mike Brooks covers further examples on the MU210 web site. Why not have a go at manipulating graphics/movieclips using ActionScript 3?