Single Knight makes cardboard Flashy

Single Knight is the portfolio site of an independent Flash Animation company.
They have used a cardboard theme to create a visually appealing and interesting user experience.

Single Knight portfolio website

There are several mini-games and interesting objects to interact with all over the site, and you are sure to find new ones every time you visit.
This portfolio really does show the potential of what can be done with a bit of Flash and some creative flare. However, finding specific information could be difficult for a potential client. Only after I had visited the site 4 times did I manage to notice the contact details!

Contact Section

There is no doubting that the site is interesting, but possibly a little more thought into the information design and layout would get potential clients to the information they need, rather than distracted by mini-games and animations.

Definitely a good site to take inspiration from. However, when looking at the examples of work, it seems that this portfolio page is by far their best work.

Flash Animations

Use Side 'Procrastination Projects' to be More Productive

We ALL find ourselves getting distracted. Our minds pull us away to do anything other than that Project that needs working on.

Why sit and stare at ActionScript when you can check out Facebook, YouTube or Wikipedia?
You know who you are!

I came across this article, which explains The Art of Productive Procrastination.

Basically, by flipping between two or more different projects, you can maximise your productivity thus preventing FOCUS FATIGUE.

“Harness your procrastinating self by fooling yourself into being motivated” – Saul Griffith

It has helped me when working on Flash ActionScript in MU120, by flipping to some graphic design work for IGD110. (Okay, and maybe some Facebook in between – but just for group communication, honest!)

Give it a try, and see if it works for you!

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Designing iPhone apps

Great examples of storyboarding the sequence of screens within the app and also its linkage with external web content – by Patrick Rushton MU Graduate 2000 – lot of other very relevant material on his blog –   includes a history of his work way back to when he was doing assignments for MU modules!

Here’s a brainstorm for an iPhone app concept to do with Heineken. Click the image below to see a more in-depth PDF of the brainstorm!

Flash to HTML5 converter just released

The prerelease version of Wallaby, the Adobe tool to convert Flash timeline animation to HTML5/CSS3 (Flash free content) has just been released for download at   Adobe Labs

Example of a SWF conversion

MU120 as we see ourselves!

Beginning drawing with Flash can be daunting with all those tools and properties to get your head round, but here’s what the level 1 students achieved in 2 hours.

mu120 portraits